Based in Hampshire, we offer our clients the ability to connect with targeted audiences, creating engaging video content and providing strategic support to maximise the potential of their marketing. Recently founded, Castle and Bridge focuses on establishing and maintaining ongoing relationships based on a process of combining our years of experience and your goal of promoting and growing your business.

A recent film made for Sebastian’s Action Trust.

A short video about C&B.

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We offer a collaborative approach to video production, adapted to suit your specific needs. With the capability of creating a variety of content types, from corporate videos, case studies, marketing and promotional films, documentaries and social clips, to building strategically planned digital campaigns, we provide a complete and flexible service.


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These are selected articles and blogs featuring our own tips and advice as well as those of recognised experts.

  • As our model was very much pioneering, I can’t say we knew exactly what we were looking for from the outset. We had to rely on C&B helping us develop a style that would fulfil our objectives. It’s fair to say watching the completed videos, we are very satisfied. The feedback from our customers confirms this.

    C&B’s strengths are undoubtedly their ability to get under the skin of a project. We felt their suggestions and advice came directly from a place of deep understanding and a genuine desire for the project to succeed. I appreciate I’m coming from a place with no experience in this industry, but it is my belief that this sense of involvement and willingness to develop ideas that C&B demonstrated and indeed continue to demonstrate, is hugely valuable to a client.

    Graeme Rider BSc Hons, Founder

    Back Pain Online
  • “Working to a brief that was written collaboratively to ensure it concisely and accurately matched our needs, C&B have successfully produced a film we are incredibly proud to share with our supporters and beneficiaries, to raise awareness of our cause. Film is such a vital tool for charities and organisations seeking to promote a strong, compelling message and I am delighted to endorse the work of C&B, who ensure the final outcome is a perfect match to the aspirations and intentions of the client.”

    Jane Gates OBE, CEO

    Sebastian’s Action Trust