I’ve been involved in production and marketing for over 20 years

Your Story

Your reasons for wanting to get in touch with a production company to create a video will be varied and distinctly individual to your business needs and requirements. Our aim is to quickly understand the broader picture of what you are aiming to achieve and provide the simplest route to making those aims a reality. Whether it’s creating a channel for your brand, developing some compelling video content or simply making a few videos for your social channels, we approach each client and brief the same way.

It starts with an initial consultation to help develop and flesh out the idea, understand your business and create a brief that will expand upon and enhance your objectives based on our video marketing experience. From there we will work alongside you, providing timely and relevant support designed to make the process as enjoyable as possible. We love making films, and we want you to enjoy being part of that process too! We believe that telling your stories and effectively communicating your message are crucial to the success of your business, so every step will be taken to immerse ourselves, focussing on your values, marketing strategy and overall business approach.

Once in the production phase we can scale to encompass any creative goal and bring in expertise to maximise the quality and success of the video depending on your budget and timescale. With the emphasis on a cost effective service and delivering results, our rewards come from developing long lasting, ongoing relationships and becoming a valued and trusted partner.

As part of the service we also offer advice and support on how to get the most from your investment and maximise the activation and distribution of the content, utilising years of experience in video marketing strategy, all included in the overall cost. In the sea of content that’s out there, it’s our job to make sure your video is seen, and does what you want it to do.

My Story

I’m Rif, the owner of C&B, and I’ve been involved in production and marketing for over 20 years now, in a wide variety of roles. From working on set as an Assistant Director and Camera Technician on commercials, films and TV, to developing client’s online campaigns and video content strategies in an agency context.

I’m passionate about filmmaking and as well as working in the industry I was responsible for helping to build one of the UK’s most successful film schools – supporting a new generation of technicians and storytellers.

I like to draw on all of these experiences, take away the jargon, simplify things and focus on understanding my clients, their business and provide a valued service.‚Äč

My aim is to help people tell their stories, connect with new audiences and optimise their approach to marketing.